Tangerine Capers

Tangerine finally enjoying the good life in her new forever home

Tangerine came to the Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) in July 2006 after she and eight other cats and one dog were rescued from an environment that was neither safe nor sanitary.

Tangerine was not very healthy when she arrived at the Humane Society. She had matted hair and sores around her face and eyes. After a few weeks to recuperate Tangerine became an office foster cat in the CAHS Animal Law Enforcement/Cruelty Investigations office and that is where she would soon meet her new adoptive mother.
Tangerine with mum
Tangerine was "honored" as the "Feature Cat" for the March 2007 CAHS Celebrity Chef event.

Melinda Capers was a committee member on a CAHS special event and became fascinated with Tangerine's personality and kind heart. "During the meetings she would jump onto the middle of the table and stroll around and if you weren't careful, you might find her climbing right into your purse or bag for a closer look," said Melinda. However, what really made Melinda fall in love with Tangerine was her desperation to be a mother to a litter of stuffed kittens. This was as a result of a fellow office mate who had a real litter of kittens that Tangerine was not allowed to care for, so Tangerine found her own litter to tend to. "She eventually began gathering her own brood of babies by gently removing and carrying a group of tuxedo beanie bagy stuffed kitties and nesting them as if they were her very own,"
said Melinda.

After the event was complete and the committee meetings were over, Melinda realized that she missed Tangerine's quirkiness. In November 2006, Melinda and her husband, Ross, decided to take Tangerine home as a foster kitty. They soon realized just how perfect she fit into the family. Tangerine became a permanent member of the Capers' clan in January 2007.

"The day I brought Tangerine home to foster her, I also brought her little brood of tuxedo kitty babies with her, and they remain with her to this day. We never know from one day to the next where she will move one of her babies within the house. It's fun to wake up or come home and find them in different random locations. It is always one at a time, and never the same one, or all of them at once. This is one of the traits about her that I find the most endearing of all," said Melinda.

"She sleeps in bed with us every night and purrs like she has a motor running," said Melinda. "I couldn't imagine our family without her."


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